The Metal Ware THJS5000T Jet Stream Oven Cooker

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NESCO JS-5000T, Jet Stream 2 Oven, White, 1200 watts

Nesco JS-5000T #ad - Please refer the User Manual before use. It provides the browning capabilities of a conventional oven and the shortened time of a microwave oven. Unlike a microwave oven, broil, the jet stream2 Oven has a six in one cooking system with patented cyclonic system that makes it possible to roast, grill, and air fry creating browned tender meats.

The nesco js-5000t is our newest Jet Stream2 Oven that cooks with superior quality. Fresh dough products are especially well suited and raise higher than they would in your oven! The circular motion of cyclonic cooking creates an air flow which actually pulls the dough upward causing the increase in volume.

1200 watts power. It also steams, and bakes which produces tender vegetables and fluffy baked goods. When baking, the jet Stream 2 Oven combines the best of both worlds. Your new jet stream 2 oven is perfect for meats because the cyclonic cooking action quickly sears in juices allowing the outside to brown while the inside stays moist.

NESCO JS-5000T, Jet Stream 2 Oven, White, 1200 watts #ad - Use high fan for a minute or two if more browning is needed. Air frying’ provides the crisp taste of fried foods without the grease that traditionally goes along with them. The js-5000t features a user friendly digital keypad to set fan speed, cooking time and cooking temperature and timer that is programmable up to 99 minutes with auto off.

6-in-1 cooking system with patented cyclonic system to roast, bake, steam, grill, broil & air fry.

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